Tips for learning to play the handpan

You have seen the handpan, this traditional beating drum, playing next to you and you have been seduced by its sound vibrations. You would like to learn how to play but you don't know where to start yet. No more worries, read the full article. Check out the best tips here.

Sit well to discover the handpan

Learning the handpan just like the tongue drum is not as complicated as some people think, you just need to be present in mind and to be well motivated to get there. The repercussion handpan instrument requires a lot of concentration to play. Thus, to learn how to play it, it is necessary to adopt certain tricks. First of all, you have to settle down well to discover your musical instrument. Indeed, you must create a close link between your handpan and you in order to better grasp each of its notes and scores. For this you must concentrate well, choose the position of your choice, be comfortable, be free to move and now take your handpan to inspect each of the accessories that constitute it. You must discover your new musical instrument by identifying each of its notes and at the same time choosing the hand and the number of fingers you are going to use to play it.

Master the basic rhythms

Second, you need to master the basic rhythms to successfully learn handpan. Indeed, after the discovery stage, you must improve by mastering the different basic rhythms of your repercussion instrument. To achieve this, you must define your personal rhythm and try to combine it with each of the notes and distributions of the handpan. Thus, you choose the melodies of your choice and try to play them with your musical instrument. You must make regular and permanent tests by varying the melodies and the rhythms until you succeed in learning the handpan. To better improve your skills, you can find a music teacher who can give you music lessons on the handpan.