The different methods of piloting a drone

Drone models are increasingly invading the market and some are proving to be as innovative as others. However, whatever the model, it is important to know how to fly a drone. In this sense, you have a lot of options to choose from.

The remote control

This is the most common option and the remote control is often included with the drone upon purchase. The smaller models generally have a fairly limited range compared to the larger models. These indeed have many kilometers of range. In fact, some remote controls have an integrated return display. You can find drones with camera at

Smartphone control

Most video drones have an independent wifi network that allows you to control the device from a smartphone application. However, the range is generally limited and rarely exceeds 100 meters. Signal quality also remains to be desired with this control mode.

FPV goggles with return screen

This control option is intended for the most connected and the return screen is often smartphone type. The on-screen PVF is a real revolution in the field of video and photography. Here, the FVP glasses allow you to control the camera as well as some movements. However, we note the limited range especially at the entry level models.

The intelligent flight mode

You have a wide choice of options for this type of driving. There are flight plans / waypoints which allow you to define the departure, arrival and way points. There is also the subject tracking function which is more practical when practicing drone sports. Finally, the race lock mode ensures the flight of the drone on a very straight line.