The Canadian Pallet Council will provide the consumer goods industry supply chain with the most cost effective, returnable pallet standards and container interchange system in Canada by setting, monitoring and enforcing policies, procedures and standards that meet the members’ quality and performance requirements. The CPC will be a partner in container pool management, a service provider responsible for data and information management and a facilitator in developing member cooperation and commitment.

Strategic Focus

The Canadian Council will focus on the following three key strategic priorities:

Strengthen our market share through major marketing and sales outreach programs

CPC will strengthen our market share by:

  • Conduct marketing presentations with members and key associates
  • Provide marketing materials to Pallet Industry and 3PL members
  • Expand CTSWEB user base
  • Gain acceptance of CPC Pallets at Distributors supporting competitive pallet pools

Increase member support and association effectiveness

This will be accomplished by:

  • Revise the funding formula to ensure sustainability and equitability
  • Develop systems road map and support plan for the CPC
  • Increase staffing capability to support members

Increase the quality and the effectiveness and efficiency of the interchange system

This will be accomplished by:

  • Improve the timelines of the pallet returns and imbalances and reduce seizures
  • Improve the quality of the pallet pool
  • Conduct member education programs