The Canadian Pallet Council provides low cost, competitive pallet services and an efficient pallet interchange system keeping competition alive in Canada and providing a voice for our diverse membership. With almost 1400 members representing the majority of the Canadian Grocery and Consumer Goods Industry, the CPC is undeniably the largest pallet pool in Canada, counting in excess of 7.6 million CPC pallets to its overall pool, with 2.0 million CPC pallets repaired and over 900,000 CPC pallets sold annually.

To keep CPC strong and viable, we welcome your membership! Any industry segment dealing with pallets, from distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, packaging, ingredient companies, brokers, transportation, warehouse, 3PL’s, pallet companies and pallet service providers can become CPC members. Please refer to our Board of Directors as an example of industry representation in our distinctive membership base.

CPC: An association created by members, serving members by providing low cost, competitive pallet services.

Membership Fees:

CPC’s 2005 membership fees for pallet-user members (typically, the grocery and consumer goods Suppliers and Retailers/Distributors) range from $585.00 – $6,800.00 (dependent on the sales volume of your company).

Transportation and Public Warehouse companies are also considered pallet-user members and are assessed at $620.00 per year.

The annual fee for pallet industry members, such as pallet manufacturers, repair, rental, brokers, retrieval and control companies range from $1,800.00 to $24,000.00, based on annual volume of CPC sales or repair activity. The annual fee for pallet industry members, in the pallet broker or pallet control category is $1,235.00. A one-time inspection fee of $2,730.00 applies to new members within the Pallet Manufacturing and/or Repair Membership category.

All of the above membership fees are in Canadian funds and subject to the Canadian GST of 7%.

Steps to become a CPC User Member:

  1. Complete the  CPC User Member application form. Be sure to include the product being shipped as well as your actual or proposed CPC pallet inventory, on the application form.
  2. Complete and sign the CPC Trademark Licence Agreement.
  3. Forward the original forms to the CPC Office at 239 Division Street, Cobourg, ON K9A 3P9.
  4. Forward payment either by cheque or Visa to the CPC Office at 239 Division Street, Cobourg, ON K9A 3P9.
  5. When the CPC Office has received all the documentation, as well as payment for the membership, membership may be granted immediately on an interim basis, If so, The new member will be notified of their CPC code.
  6. A new member information binder will be shipped via Canada Post.
  7. CPC Bills of Lading will be shipped via Canada Post if ordered at that time.
  8. All new memberships are reviewed by the CPC Board of Directors at their regularly scheduled meetings for final approval.

If you have any further questions, please contact the CPC office and we will assist you with your CPC membership application.

Steps to become a CPC Pallet Industry Member:

Please contact the CPC office to discuss the requirements for this industry segment. CPC pallet industry members are required to meet specific equipment and business requirements in order to qualify for membership.