United Nation Issues Warning to Military Dictators in Myanmar amidst Violation of Fundamental Humans Rights

Before now, the United Nations had expressed its displeasure towards the military coup that happened in Myanmar. This is because the international organization respects the electoral decision of citizens of member states and sees the coup as a disregard for the electoral rights of the citizens in the country.

However, the organization took things a step further on Monday via a call by the organization’s spokesperson. 

What the United Nation’s Warning Is All About

Because of the need to respect the sovereignty of individual states, international critics and key players can do very little in promptly changing the narrative in Myanmar. However, as an essential principle, all nations have to respect the fundamental human rights of their citizens.

These rights include the right to press, as well as protesting without intimidation by the political administrators. Violation of this is wrong and will not be taken lightly by the United Nations.

This was part of the warning issued by the United Nations Spokesperson – Ms Schraner Burgener; via a call to the military administration’s deputy leader. 

Why the Need for the Warning

The warning by the United Nation came in the wake of events by the military administrators that are harmful to innocent civilians. For instance, security operatives have recently opened fire at innocent protesters in various parts of the nation.

This is wrong as warned by the United Nation and will not be taken lightly. Also, some policies have been recently passed by the military administrators to install fear or wreak havoc.

For instance, the administration declared recently that protesters are liable to face 20 years in prison if they are apprehended by security operatives. This is in addition to the frustrating suspension of internet services and access to various social media platforms by the authorities.

The people of Myanmar are hoping that the United Nations will live up to its expectation by ensuring that things return swiftly to normalcy. This means that the military dictators will be unseated and the reprimanded elected official returned to the seat of power.

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