Chinese Authorities should not see WHO Investigative Team as a Witch-Hunt

A health analyst has recently called on the Chinese authorities to show full cooperation in the wake of an investigation by a WHO team sent to investigate the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan China.

This advice was in light of recent reports from credible sources claiming that the Chinese authorities have been uncooperative.

Why do the Chinese Authorities need to Corporate?

A health expert on Disease Control – Filefun Luwakwi; strongly advised the Chinese authorities to show full cooperation by handing over everything that has been requested by the health investigative team authorized by the World Health Organization.

The medical expert stated that the findings are not primarily intended to blame the authorities for the outbreak. Rather, it is intended to get to the root of the virus and see how the findings can help bring the pandemic to a standstill.

In light of this, he stated that it is in the best interest of the entire globe that the pertinent authorities in China quit playing hardball by surrendering all that is requested to the internationally validated team of experts.

Recently, an Australian expert who led the team reported that the Chinese authorities were withholding sensitive information and data that would help them in their investigation. 

What This Says About China

If the Chinese authorities continue to withhold the needed information, the international community will begin to have suspicions about them.

Of late, the British Prime minister agreed with a statement by the United States presidents demanding that due investigation is carried out on the cause of the outbreak of the virus and pandemic at large.

All these notable statements from key figures in the international community are not just coming up. For instance, the United States ex-president – Donald Trump; never minced words in blaming China for the outbreak of the virus.

There are also various conspiracy theories that China deliberately released the virus to curb population growth internally and attack other nations.

Should the Chinese authority continue to play hardball, their position as a major force in the United Nations Security Council and the world at large will be threatened.

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